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Customer Portal

AppSoftPro AV© Work Order section allows the customer and employees access the following items in a socail media style application:

  • Work Order Status Changes
  • My Work Orders
  • Quotes
  • Customer Feed
Work Order Status As the work order status changes, the application will automatically update the customers feed with the information about that status change.
My Work OrdersThis screen has a table of the customers work orders in the system, from this screen the customer can click view and view the work order information and all issues on that work order.
QuotesThis section allows the customer to view all quotes and approve items within the quote for work.
Customer FeedThis section allows the user post new items on their feed that will then notify the employees of the company that a new entry has been made. They also may upload a file to the feed that the employees may then download if needed. In the employees section of the customer portal the employee can also post information on a customers feed to aid in customer/employee communication.